Puppy socialization course

This is a course where the socialization of the pups is central. The first weeks of your dog’s life are optimal to gain new experiences, to develop social behavior and to get used to everything in the world in which he lives. Different objects, other animals, traffic, other places, other dogs and people. In addition, we start by learning the basic exercises that we need in daily life.

It is important that your dog experiences as many different things as possible in a positive way. The puppies are open to everything at this age and do not get scared quickly and have a good restoring ability. In the following period of life, the emotion of fear develops and the dogs are much more susceptible of gaining traumatic experiences In the first period to 16 weeks and further up to 6 months is where socialization should take place. 6 Months and up is called the anxiety phase. To prevent problem behavior it is important that you continue to educate and train your dog after the puppy course. In the puppy course owners are taught to get their pup used to as many different things as possible. Furthermore, a foundation is laid in the knowledge of dog behavior and different training methods. Of course, it starts with the principles of the first obedience exercises. After the puppy course or beginner course (adult dogs) we advice a follow-up course.

This course is for pups from 8 to 16 weeks (at the start of the course). For older dogs there is a beginners course.