Dog training and reconditioning

Academy 4 Dogs is led by certified training experts and behavioral therapists, among others trained at O&O (Dutch association for instructors in dog education and training), Groenhorst Barneveld (training specialist center for animal care and animal behavior), Tinley (academy for behavioral therapists for animals) and the KNHS (Royal Dutch Equestrian Sports Federation).

The training programs that are used are positive, clear and easy to implement for both humans and animals. This makes every training efficient and you are guaranteed success.

We offer:

Training of your dog

1. Socialize.
2. Learning commands and what is and is not allowed.
3. We also teach you what you should and should not do and how and what you can practice.
4. Restoring problem behavior and re-education. Here, too, we teach you what is needed so that problem behavior does not return.

Education and Socialization courses

1. Socialization and basic training of the animal.
2. Establishing a good relationship between dog, boss and family. This is based on respect, mutual trust and clear, consistent communication.
3. Educating the animal so that it is obedient, calm, confident, sweet, obedient and easy to handle.

Advanced training courses

1. Learning different practical exercises. In addition to the basic education.
2. Training courses and lessons because you like to be actively involved with your animal. And both you and your animal like to train. Regular training in a positive way makes your animal happy and happy and strengthens the relationship between you and your animal.
3. Follow-up courses obedience, agility, tricks, and more.

Private training

Do you want full attention, or do the times of the group lessons not fit? Then there is the possibility of private lessons. The lessons will be completely adapted to your needs and can also take place at your home and in your immediate environment.

Reconditioning problem behavior

Does your dog have problems that you want to get rid of? Professional training and re-education and reconditioning often make these problems disappear. In addition to teaching the dog new desirable behavior and in doing so, to learn from problem behavior, we also teach you how to deal with it. If you want to get started yourself, then I help you with the mapping of the behavior. What does your dog do when and why. Then we make a plan of action and I give you exercises and tips on how to deal with the problem. You will get started and I will come back as much as necessary, until the problem behavior is completely resolved.

 “Walk and talk”

In the “walk and talk” training, a combination is made of the exhaustion of your dog with the training of different parts. This is a fun way to go on the road together with others. We walk beautiful routes, where you practice exercises during the walk. Dogs with socialization problems can also go here for the practice of normal behavior. The dogs also get the chance to play something. The owners have the opportunity to practice in these situations.


Effective and systematic training

This is a course where you learn to train systematically and purposefully so that you always stay focused and do not stay on the same level unnecessarily. You will learn how you learn and how your dog learns. You will learn how the learning principles (classic and operant conditioning work together) the effect of different training methods (positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive correction, negative correction, shaping and (backward) chaining) .Also you learn to make a call-sheet You will work out in detail how you will apply your training step by step, because you will learn different training methods in the future and you will have a lot more possibilities to teach or learn something about your dog. the training is being treated and practicing a lot in practice.

After the first course where you learn the insights and you can get started with the different training methods, there is also a follow-up course with different exercises where the training methods are deepened. You can indicate here which training topics you want to be addressed (for example, stay on distance, retrieve, or fun tricks) and you can indicate yourself which training methods you want to use for this purpose (for example: shaping or (backward) chaining). With all training: “the sky is the limit”, if you make a good training plan!