Adult and follow-up training courses

Obedience level I

Obedience level I is the beginners course for adult dogs, we start with the basic commands that we use a lot in daily practice. In the lessons, the exercises, name, come, sit, stay, down, stay, heel, “no”, let go, don’t chase, don’t jump, don’t bite. Of course, the socialization process continues. Furthermore, a great deal of attention is paid to developing your insight into the behavior of your dog so that you can better meet his needs, you can train more easily, prevent unwanted behavior and learn unwanted behavior. In the course we try to guide you as much as possible in the different training methods. You learn to understand the underlying theory and apply it in practice.

This course is for dogs of all ages. For puppy’s we recommend the puppy course.

Obedience level 2

Obedience level 2 is the follow-up course after puppy training or obedience level 1. We are improving the exercises. More distraction, better, quicker, cleaner responds. Training of leash etc.

This course is for dogs of all ages.

After the first courses it is possible to do further advanced training in different directions. There are obedience 2, 3 and 4, agility, tricks, searching, retrieving, flyball, etc. Contact us for the possibilities.